Il Mostro Di Firenze Has Been Identified

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The fabled mystery of the case of Il Mostro Di Firenze is over and he has been identified through the examination of a number of angles.

Il Mostro Di Firenze - Lt. Col. Michael Aquino AKA Forrest Fenn

His identity was found matching the two police composite sketches at different times in his life, and being found to have authored numerous letters to the Carabinieri, Politicians, and to the members of the family of two abducted girls that were given a new investigation recently.

Il Mostro Card - CIA Laundering Evidence

The acts that were committed, and the gruesome nature of them are testament to the affairs of one person that has a profile and known position with the CIA and US Military, with a specific identifying moniker that he was responsible for using, calling himself the Zodiac Killer in letters, which bore the traits of a signature cipher that was broken, revealing his identity and the descriptions of numerous operations in Italy, in a symbiotic relationship with his operations in the US.

Il Mostro Operations - Evidence in Z408 Cipher

The ciphers broken reveal that he was involved in the trafficking of illegal drugs, and from generating massive amounts of proceeds from these sales through an internal distribution network he was building in the Entertainment Industry, he needed a place to launder this money.  In order to deposit this massive amount of money over a period of time in the Vatican Bank, he was then tasked with creating warnings to investigators and politicians not to interfere.

Il Mostro Evidence - Italian Letter

Every time that he was delivering the money to be deposited into their accounts there and through their affiliates in the Bank of London, he would kill again, raking up a list of murders that seemed to just not be able to be stopped, due mostly to internally manipulated politicians, and others that were made to drop their investigations with threats made to their families and other countrymen.

Il Mostro Evidence - Zodiac 1986 Letter

His legacy of terror in Italy lived on from the inception of the program in the US, and mimicking it in Italy, his plans were seen both in the Zodiac Letters, and in the Il Mostro correspondences, to have been speaking about the same operations.  Some of the letters mailed in the US were unable to reach investigators in Italy, and the details of these affairs were never realized or seen before, until now.  Maps were hidden inside of them corresponding to ciphers that spoke of locations that were marked on them using steganographic tricks, embedding symbols and marks that worked to delineate paths in the letters.

Il Mostro Evidence - Zodiac 1986 Letter Maps of Rome/Vatican

Even the names of the two kidnapped girls in Rome and in the Vatican City areas around their homes is listed.  The amazing amount of information found in his letters, cards, and ciphers reads like its own novel, and it seems that their affairs are still ongoing, having ties to the numerous production companies that tried to form narratives and sensationalize their own finish touches, skewing the facts to suit their own interests.

Il Mostro Evidence - Zodiac 1986 Letter - Vatican/Rome Victim's Names

Raw TV, the producer of Vatican Girl on Netflix, is also in a bit of trouble, as one of their production companies in Idaho making films about the Gold Mining Operations there had a new assistant producer onboard, Terrence Woods.  When making this show, he was said to have sprinted off into the woods and the show's crew went chasing after him.  They returned to mention they could not find him, while covered in blood and wearing torn clothing, acting nonchalant about their involvement in any foul play.  Now the same company is off producing their sham show about the disappearance of a citizen of Vatican City, mentioning the other Roman briefly, and have tied two missing persons into the same theory without proving that the two were even related crimes. 

How would they know it was the same person(s) that kidnapped them both?

They are intentionally misdirecting the audience that the brother Pietro Orlandi has made to help push for a more devout investigation and used him for show to prop up the Vatileaks theory.  They never once showed a single bit of evidence in print that they said they have to prove she was held in the Vatican secretly, and they narrated the evidence using a slew of slightly unreliable statements from a number of people.

Not one mention that it might have been the same Il Mostro Di Firenze, nor even probing the strange phonecalls for their cryptic meaning.

They left it all as a mystery and want to cover up the lengths that members of this laundering organization have gone to in order to hide their affairs from the public, who they have used to create the illusions behind this tragedy.

There is a lot more information in these letters to be shown, and I have sent copies and examples to all of the people in this case investigation, including the officials that endorsing the investigations to be reopened.  I made the effort to inform the Carabinieri as well and have shown them the locations of crypts where the bodies were said to have been taken and included with the other remains in them.  They are mapped into the letters physically, and there are a few of them that detail the plans in Italy, whereas the rest were used to detail operations in the US and Canada.  One also was shown to have been used to stage International Events like the Munich Olympic Massacre, and the Operation Wrath of God in Palestine and Europe.  There are long lists of these breaks found on my site page:

Zodiac Ciphers Solved - Il Mostro Di Firenze Evidence Compiled

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